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Connecting is caring

Photo by Shaun Rounce - Unsplash

‘We underestimate the effect our actions have on others’. I heard this in a podcast a few months ago; it’s stayed with me. I’ve always hoped that people would enjoy my writing or my conversation or my company, perhaps even be cheered by it. But I haven’t taken it for granted.

Hearing this discussion on Radio National’s ‘Life Matters’ while driving, I pulled over into a carpark to listen more closely. I was on my way to a meeting and told the others present about it, promising to share details. Finally I am.

We tend to rubbish social media and a lot of the content is misleading and unhelpful. But it can be a genuine, much-needed connection for many. Mental health issues are more openly discussed now and that is a very good thing. It’s been a difficult few years for all of us. For some, who’ve been trying to cope with painful issues forever, it’s been unbearable.

Here are some quotes from the discussion.

‘Of all the factors that help you live longer, being socially connected tops the list - reducing early death by 46 per cent.’

‘And new research shows that the simple act of sending a text message to a friend can have a great impact on their happiness.’

Simply liking someone’s post on Facebook or Twitter can boost their mood – don’t underestimate it.

I encourage you to take time to listen to this podcast.

The episode is called ‘Connecting-with friends - learning how to feel again’. You can look it up on your favourite podcast channel or hear it here.

If you like a photo, enjoy some writing or appreciate a comment – say so. It may not mean much to you but it will mean a lot to the creator. I know. And it’s usually as easy as hitting a ‘Like’ button or writing a few words.

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Nov 28, 2022

Thanks for sharing this podcast Julie. I just listened to it whilst texting 4 friends/family who are all managing significant illness either themselves or amongst family members. I could be in touch more frequently than I am with some of them. Connections are so important, even for an introvert like me!

Dec 05, 2022
Replying to

I know, Jo. Those of us who are 'private' still need that contact. Possibly even more so!

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