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Staging a play

New experiences are coming up this year, an important one is trying my hand at directing a play. Not just any play, this is something I helped to generate. Does a lifetime of loving the theatre and seeing as many productions as possible count as ability? Possibly not, but I’ll give it a go. There are talented people with much greater experience on hand to help.

The play is based on a Ripping Yarn, those wonderfully funny and quirky productions written by Sir Michael Palin and the late Terry Jones. After contacting Sir Michael, who was extremely kind and generous, our little Boonah Playmakers group has the rights to perform ‘Murder at Moorstones Manor’. We opted to make it a radio play – no lines to learn and lots of fun with sound effects and props to suit the era. And that’s fine with the original writers.

Auditions are coming up in March. The play will be performed at the Boonah Arts Festival in September With a mixture of fear, excitement and anticipation I look forward to it.

Want to give it a go? More information here.

Boonah Playmakers
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