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Very Easy Butter Chicken

Yesterday I made this recipe and enjoyed it so much I want to share.

Most people love butter chicken – it has all the flavour of a curry with a richer and milder sauce which suits most tastes. Here is my recipe for delicious butter chicken made from scratch. Add more chilli if you like it hot. There are lots of bottled butter chicken pastes available but I’ve tried some and found them too watery and bland. Add more chilli if you like it hot.

Traditionally this dish was made to use up tandoori chicken, but it’s delicious made with fresh chicken and spices.

Can also be served with rice alternatives such as quinoa or barley. My personal favourite is scooping it up with naan, as most people do in Malaysia where I first cooked this dish.

The recipe can be adapted using other curry spices and coconut cream instead of thick cream.

If you are a coriander hater use parsley or basil leaves to garnish – a bit of green not only adds to the flavour but looks pretty. Because the recipe contains turmeric be careful not to splash any sauces on work surfaces or clothes - it's almost impossible to remove the stain.

Very Easy Butter Chicken
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I like butter chicken. Thank you for sharing this recipe, Julie. Happy cooking!

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