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The book is finally happening.

From the Noël Coward archives

For more than twenty years I’ve been working on a book about one of my idols, Noël Coward, and food. The food he ate and cooked, his rather strange recipes and the part food plays in all of his writing.

Noël Coward contributed a recipe to this collection.

He contributed to recipe books during his lifetime and wrote a forward to ‘Delightful Food’ written by his friend Marjorie Salter with wonderful illustrations by Oliver Messel. Of course I have a copy or two…

It’s been a long time in the making although most of the research and writing was done many years ago. I've finally pulled it all together and it's about to go to the publisher.

Any other Coward fans out there? I’d love to know, and to hear your comments.

The book is my excuse for being lazy on the blog writing. Also it’s been so cold in this corner of Queensland – we aren’t used to such early, freezing winters. And there is more to come with overnight temperatures forecast to be around 0˚C for the next few weeks. The thought of my book will keep me warm, even if my little office is chilly.

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Prue Stewart
Prue Stewart
11. jul. 2022

This going to be a real treat. So looking forward reading all about these interesting recipes and more about Noel Coward.

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