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The worst thing about holidays

If you’re flying, lately it’s cancelled or delayed flights and lost luggage. But for me the worst part has always been packing. I spent many years travelling for work and that wasn’t so difficult – just standard work gear – because there were no leisure activities planned. But now, even going away for a weekend brings on a panic attack.

I’m about to go away, not very far, for a few days. I’m looking forward to it as I’ll be doing my favourite things with people I love. But I don’t know what to pack. I’m glad I’m taking my car so it can be loaded up with coats, extra shoes and clothes to cover all possibilities. It’s winter and it’s been freezing. Not so cold today, and where I’m going it’s usually a few degrees warmer. But there is a good chance of rain and that could change the outlook.

So far I just have one suitcase and an overnight bag. And a toiletry bag. And a shoe bag. Plus the coats etc. as mentioned. I’ll be lucky if I get away in the morning without having another panic and throwing most of my wardrobe into the boot. It could be cold, it could be warm. I might need to dress up and I might go to the gym.

I’ll sidle into the hotel with just one bag and then make trips to the carpark; bringing back whatever I need for each day. Despite the panic I’m looking forward to it very much. I’ll miss Tiggomy but he’ll be relaxing at home with his personal carer.

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2 commentaires

Yes, packing is a pain. When I travelled as a young person with a backpack, someone once told me to lay everything out that you think you might need and then halve it. I’ve stuck to this method ever since and taught my children the same…seems to work. Cars are a huge boon though 😉


Prue Stewart
Prue Stewart
27 juil. 2022

I’m the worst person in the world for packing especially if I can pack up the car. I hate to think if I could have had something else to wear. Even when travelling overseas I come home with so many clothes I haven’t seen the light of day.

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