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Dreams of Scotland

A few years ago, before the pandemic wiped out our travel plans, I made a trip to the United Kingdom. I’d been wanting to go for years and finally decided on a time. Previous visits had been only to London and then brief stints working with chefs and catering companies developing menus to suit their kitchen equipment. It was airport to hotel to airport and home with no time for sightseeing.

I can’t remember when I didn’t have a love affair with Scotland. Originally the plan was to hire a car and drive around the whole of the UK but the friend who was to accompany me became too ill to travel. After much deliberation I selected a guided tour, something I never thought I would do, and it was wonderful. I loved every minute of it.

The view from my room

This is about my favourite hotel situated in the Cairngorms. We arrived just before dusk, a magical time of day. The photo of suitcases in a hallway was taken there, a random shot snapped as I Ieft my room to go down to breakfast. It may have been the beguiling light or just the glorious highlands, but I was on a high for the whole time we stayed there.

Just down the road is Ardverikie House which is the castle in the drama series Monarch of the Glen. A series that may have added to my passion for Scotland. And the very hotel were stayed in, Laggan Hotel, was used for some of the restaurant scenes.

I spent so much time outside gazing at the view my fellow travellers had to drag me indoors for dinner. And the obligatory drink by the fireside. It was autumn so a fire was welcome. There were no other guests so we had the place to ourselves and were made to feel very welcome with every comfort provided.

Even the leaves on the doorstep are beautiful

The photographs speak for themselves. Looking at them now takes me straight there and I still feel the excitement of that brief stay. I’m definitely going back. Think I’ll dig out my box set of MOTG right now and have another preview.

In the Cairngorms

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2 commentaires

Prue Stewart
Prue Stewart
27 juil. 2022

The only chance to view Scotland is from the couch but did enjoy the Scottish Highlands featuring in the movie “Falling for Figaro”. Joanna Lumley‘s acting was exceptional.


04 juin 2022

Thank you for sharing those lovely photos, Julie! Just gorgeous. No wonder you want to swan back over there :)

We got to Inverness and Fort William (among other places) back in 1994 and just loved it. That's where we got our idea for having Scottish Highland cattle out at Allandale.

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